BestYou! Coaching

My name is Annick Van Damme and I am a personal and professional development coach. I have been working for more than 30 years in management positions, team and project management.

In this context, finding the key to make individuals work together to achieve our goals, but also, promoting my team by developing their strengths, giving them the tools to unleash their potential while respecting their individual aspirations were my favourite activities.

I am convinced that almost anything is possible when you give yourself the means to find the right resources, explore the tracks and challenge yourself.

Best human: what does it mean for you?

The « formula » « becoming the best version of oneself » has challenged and accompanied me for a very long time.

A question first, aren’t we « enough »? Why always do better? Isn’t it like an ongoing permanent challenge?

But the idea as I chose to take it with me, is to « do better for ourselves », not because others want to make us champions, not because our company wants to see us productive, but for ourselves, for the immense satisfaction of testing ourselves, of surpassing ourselves, of self-realizing.

And in the idea, too, to serve, to invest, to contribute. Being a better friend, a better life partner, a better parent, a better colleague, a better manager for our team, a better neighbour… A Better Human.

We have resources in us that we do not suspect, and it is often during a questioning, a desire or a need for change, that it is interesting to go « digging », deepening the questioning. By allowing oneself to explore other perspectives.

I suggest joining you in this questioning, and to help you extract these ingredients that will make you find the way to what you want to be, or to do, really.

My training as a motivational coach focused on neuroscience brings a more specific approach in the questioning and opens the fields of action. My mission is to support people to become aware of their potential and their resources, to make them available for action.

What makes the difference in my coaching sessions?

Connection, sharing, exploration, awareness.
Give and take, in confidence, with vulnerability and authenticity, on both sides.
And… the spark! That moves, that jostles, that moves forward.

My values

In my private and professional daily life, I am guided by the values of:

  • Freedom to be yourself and choose your life.
  • Surpassing ourselves: let’s become the best version of ourselves!
  • Creation of links through authentic, respectful, and lasting relationships.
  • Serenity: let’s cultivate it to approach life events at best.
  • Play: let us get caught up in the game of life and look for the keys, learn with curiosity and work while having fun.


  • Certified Master Coach, Institut des Neurosciences Appliquées, Paris. (2020-2021) Coach/Institut Neurosciences Appliquées/A. Van Damme
  • Facilitator of professional codevelopment groups, Académie Belge de Codéveloppement  Professionnel (2021)
  • Coach of entrepreneurs within NeuroBusinessSchool (2021)
  • MBSR trainings (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) (since 2014, Institut Pleine Conscience)
  • International career within two multinationals (Thule Group 2000-2020 and Siemens (1985-1999): Finance Director and other management positions, project management, automating procedures, IT 
  • Master’s in Sciences, Mathematics (1981-1985) and post-university Master’s in Financial Management
  • Language skills (French-English-German-Dutch) 

Why so serious?

If you ask, what has been the common thread all this time? My answer is: playing the game! I chose to study mathematics, languages, because I tackled it as a game. I have always been attracted by the fun aspect of IT: finding the keys to automate procedures, identifying errors or complicated formulas to ultimately simplify…

With family and friends, board games, sports, one day blitz trips to Paris for a special celebration or simply for fun. Endless games of Whist, Akiba, Uno, Mille Bornes, Scrabble, …  and full of common laughters!

At work too, as a team, turn up the sound and dance when we had managed to meet a challenging deadline. Make laughter and conviviality dominate in the most serious, intense situations, to let the steam off and remember that our aim is to have fun. Be able to solve problems for the sake of finding the key and contributing.

I believe that you can also have fun when performing complicated tasks.

Do things together in the best possible atmosphere, so that everyone finds their place.

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